Main Menu


Bread & Butter

Freshly baked bread rolls

Homemade Chicken Liver Paté

Tasty chicken liver spread

Homemade Cheese with Garlic

Refreshing light spread with lots of garlic

Homemade Sardine Paté

Traditional Portuguese treat

Olives (black)


Mango & Prawns with Curry Sauce

Served with a delighful curry dip topped with Almonds

Avocado Ritz

Avocado with shrimp and cocktail mayonnaise

Biltong & Avocado

Dried beef with spicy garlicky avocado dip


Small cubes of fillet steak, marinated in piri-piri and pan-fried (hot & spicy)

Piri-piri Chicken Livers

Served hot with freshly baked bread (hot & spicy)

Mushrooms in creamy Garlic Sauce

A creamy garlic delight

Crumbed Mushrooms

Served with home made tartar sauce

Fried Calamari Rings

Served with wasabi sauce


New Zealand Green Lipped mussels cooked in Champagne, onion, peppers and garlic

Seared Ostrich Carpaccio

With olive oil, parmesan shavings tomato and Buffalo Mozzarella


Pumpkin and Leek Soup

Home made, full of taste and goodness

Tomato Soup

Real tomato delight

Fish Soup

Fresh fish soup with a hint of tomato


Tomato and Onion Salad

Sliced onion and tomato sprinkled with "Flor de Sal"

Mixed Salad

Crispy lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber, avocado, olives and Feta cheese

Chicken & Almond Salad

Tossed salad topped with pan-fried chicken strips and almonds

South African Specialities

Beef Sosaties

Cubes of Fillet Steak, marinated in fruity curry and grilled


Traditional beef mince dish with Sultanas and a dash of curry, served with saffron rice


Traditional South African Lamb stew served in a three legged African pot

Durban Lamb Curry (Bunny Chow)

Served with "Achar" and sauteed potato

Oom Schalk's Marico Kudu Fillet

Venisom served with a traditional Madeira cream sauce

Ostrich Trinchado (200g)

Strips of Ostrich pan-fried in a piri-piri sauce (hot & spicy)

From the Grill

Top quality meat, charcoal grilled to perfection

Fillet Steak (260g)

Tender and tasty

Lady's Fillet Steak (200g)

For the not so hungry

Surf & Turf (200g)

Best of two worlds, Fillet steak, cheese shrimp sauce topped with a prawn

Fillet Forestier (200g)

Grilled fillet steak with smoked bacon and chicken livers

Carpetbagger (200g)

Grilled Fillet steak stuffed with mussel, cheese and Tabasco

Beef Espetada

Fillet steak kebab with bacon, choriço, peppers and bacon

Chicken Espetada

Chicken kebab with bacon, choriço, peppers and onion

Spare Ribs

Pork ribs glazed with a homemade barbeque basting and a touch of honey

Choice of Sauce:

Pepper Sauce, Mexican Sauce, Cheese Sauce (Roquefort), Garlic butter, Mushroom Sauce, Piri-piri Sauce

Bosman's Dolphin Classics

Portuguese Steak (200g)

Fillet steak pan-fried with Port wine and garlic, topped with Parma ham and a fried egg, served with fried potato and a dash of vinegar

Cordon Bleu

Crumbed and deep fried pork fillet filled with ham and cheese

Chicken Curry

Off the bone, fruity curry served with rice

From Our Plentiful Sea

Grilled Sword Fish

Grilled, served with olive oil, garlic and herbs

African Moonfish

Filleted, lightly battered and fried in olive oil with tartar sauce

Sea Bass Fillet

Pan-fried with lemon and black pepper served with spinach

Fried Prawns

Prawns fried in olive oil with garlic, brandy and piri-piri

Fisherman's Treat

Calamari rings, African Moonfish and prawns served with spicy rice


Vegetarian Lentil Bobotie

Traditional South African cape malay dish

Warm Goats’ Cheese Salad

Mango, caramelized pecan nuts, topped balsamic reduction


Fried patties of ground chickpeas

To be ordered 24 hours in advance

Seafood Platter (for 2 people)

Tiger prawn, mussels, scallops and calamari rings served with rice and lemon butter